How do you know whether it is time to replace a damaged or old roof and enjoy the benefits of a new roof or not? A roof replacement might seem like a big investment but it’s also one that will protect the people inside your home and increase the value and aesthetics of your home. So, the question is: when and why should a homeowner decide to choose a roof replacement?

The typical life of a roofing system is around 20 years. To get the most out of your roofing system, it should also be well maintained with regular inspections and repairs, which are key for a long-lasting and well-functioning roofing system. A damaged roof can impact the entire house adversely. Timely repairs and replacements are the best way to increase the value of a property in the long term. 

Identifying the right time for roof replacement is critical. The two major reasons for replacing an old roof with a new roofing system are age and significant damages. Homeowners should be on the lookout for any signs that may indicate it’s time for a new roof or roof replacement. Some of the common signs are significant roof leaks, missing or broken shingles, the ceiling is discolored, and heavy frequent cracks on the roof, among others. Extensive storm damage can also be caused because of dramatic weather events like storms and high winds. As a result, most roofing contractors will advise homeowners to have their roofs inspected by a professional after any dramatic weather events. The entire roofing system should also be inspected annually to spot the more subtle damage in the roof.

Apart from increasing the value of the property, roof replacement has several other advantages as well. A new roof will improve the look and life of the property. When you are installing a new roof, it gives the homeowner the liberty to choose the roofing material for the new roof – durable shingles or material designed explicitly to withstand harsh climatic conditions. Below are a few more reasons for a new roof for your property.

Protection from Natural Elements

The roof is what protects your family from the harsh climate around you. As the quality of the roof deteriorates, it will be further susceptible to environmental elements like rain, UV radiation, and strong winds. A weak roof also makes it easy for small animals like rats and squirrels to enter your roofing system and create nagging problems for everyone in the house.

Structural Integrity

A new roof offers the much-required structural integrity for a home. A 20-year-old roof may not have any obvious visual issue but it cannot be trusted at all times. It only takes one night of harsh weather to cause an old roof to collapse on a house. A brand new roof provides sound structural integrity for the house which safeguards the property and your family from any kind of damage. 

Easier Maintenance 

A new roof does not present any major problems after installation, but that does not mean a new roof does not require maintenance. Timely and regular maintenance will improve the quality and life of a roofing system. Refer to the maintenance programs offered by your roofer and get the scheduled maintenance done for a superior quality roofing system.  

Increased Value and Environmentally Friendly

Installing a new roof can go a long way for your property in terms of investment. The value and the appearance of the house are immediately enhanced, which will increase its resale value. Getting a new roof also gives the homeowner a chance to choose an environmentally friendly roofing system for the larger benefit of the people around us.